Talking Chair - November 1st, 2004

interaktive Installation – Artist: Martin Zeplichal, Programmierung:
Tom Peak

Does a chair have personality?

How can we be sure that our furniture does not feel, similar to ourselves?
Let’s assume our furniture would consequently try to communicate with us. It would try to express its anger, delight, affection, boredom or similar feelings. We could neither hear nor see or feel it!
Our doors of perception however depend on the few senses available to us.
Exactly like for a chair.

What if the chair could talk to us?

The is an experimental revision of the fabulous design classic Tom Rock (Tom Vac) that was originally designed by Ron Arad in 1999.

A clearly visible electronic annex generates an argile, interactive personality that is added to the originally quiet chair. The design-object gains a digital character that leads the user to a touching emotional experience of facing (and using) a spirited chair that talks!.

Im November 2004 bei / electric avenue