Exchange Emergences ISEA 2010 - August 7th, 2010

The cooperation between CC and JMAF has been established during the »Japan – Austria Year 2009«. It opened the opportunity to exchange emerging artistic projects, ideas and cultural references and led to a rich network of creative contents and project-based interactions between artists, scientists, designers and the participating audience. This year it is a great op- portunity to collaborate again at the ISEA2010 in the Cultural Capital of Europe Ruhr. It is the first time to realize a collaborative show with celected artists from each festival.

  • BCL: Georg Tremmel, Shiho Fukuhara
  • Wada Ei
  • moids 2.0: Kazuki Saita, Soichiro Mihara, Hiroko Mugibayashi
  • Saso Sedlacek

Curated by: Michal Wlodkowski, Matthias Tarasiewicz and Georg Russegger.

ISEA 2010 Ruhr